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Family Practice

Patricia Mitchell, APRN

Family Nurse Practitioner

2202 Hwy 98 W, Office Suite 100

Mexico Beach, FL 32456



About Me

Hello! I'm Patti Mitchell, an autonomously practicing certified family nurse practitioner.  I have been in the health care profession since 1985 and bring a wealth of experience to the table when caring for you and your family.  Whether you need treatment for a cold or flu, suturing of minor lacerations, or help for your chronic conditions, you will find friendliness, compassion and answers here.  My deepest desire is to be able to serve my community and help you, my neighbors.  

*Self pay only.  As a Direct Primary Care medical clinic Options Health does not file health insurance claims of any kind.  If you'd like to file your own claim, please request your superbill to be emailed to you at the end of your visit.  


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For most, the clinic setting will be appropriate.  Services include: comprehensive workups and medication refills for chronic illnesses, adrenal disfunction or hormone imbalances;

problem focused exams for acute illnesses such as influenza, back pain, or infections;

minor surgical procedures such as simple wound closures, PRF tendinitis injections, or wart removal. 

Schedule a visit during business hours.

Comprehensive work up - $135

Focused work up - $95

Uncomplicated office visit - $65

Minor surgery - $135

home visit.jpg

Home Visit

Occasionally, someone will need a visit in their home.  Those who are elderly, have compromised immunity, or otherwise confined to the home may need to schedule a home visit outside normal business hours.  Home visits are reserved for local patients only.

Add $30 fee to clinic prices



Telemedicine is a great option for busy folks who need a quick visit for an acute problem and don't want to miss work.  I can "see" you right from your desk, or anywhere you have access to a computer.  Telemedicine consultations are reserved for functional medicine consultations or for conditions that can be appropriately evaluated and treated without a hands on visit.

Uncomplicated visit - $65

Problem focused workup - $95 

Comprehensive workup - $135

Note - $5 cash discount will be given on all services upon request.
DOT logo.png

 DOT Medical Exam - $85

Certified US DOT

and US Coast Guard Medical Examiner


US Coast Guard Medical Exam - $85


The ADA and the AAFP recommend a combination of weight loss pharmaceuticals, a healthy diet and exercise to achieve a healthy weight.  Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative joint disease.

Weight loss clinic - $95

*monthly visits are required when appetite suppressants are prescribed


Intravenous fluids with various formulations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes to help rehydrate, replace electrolytes, improve energy levels, detox, and improve athletic performance.  Formula will depend on your personal need.

Rehydration electrolyte replacement - $100

Vitamin/Mineral/AA IV - $185

Rehydration and Vitamin/Mineral/AA - $250

Functional Medicine tree.jpg

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine takes a more natural, holistic view of medicine with the aim of evaluating the entire body as a whole, not as individual parts, and developing a plan of care that is tailored just for you.  It is an integrative, science based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by considering all the unique biochemical aspects of each individual patient, and then recommends interventions to help restore balance for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. We delve into the root causes of your persistent problems that have been resistant to treatment in the past.  The above diagram depicts your overall health as a tree.  Allopathic medical providers stay in the leaves of the tree, focusing on one specific body system and treating only that part. Functional Medicine practitioners promote wellness by focusing on the roots.  These are the factors that influence every patient's experience of health and wellness.  Options Health Family Practice uses the functional medicine concept in all treatments to achieve better results for your overall wellness.  Visit for more information on functional medicine.

What Patients Say


"Recommend to Friends"

"Puts Me at Ease"

"Great Service"

Last week I had an unexpected and uncommon (for me) ear ache! I contacted Patti Mitchell at Options Health and was pleased I could be seen later that afternoon. I found the Options Health office to be clean, professional and conveniently located. Patti offered me a drink of water upon arrival and the office environment was warm and accommodating. Upon examination, I was diagnosed with an ear infection that had resulted in a ruptured ear drum. I was prescribed an antibiotic along with something to settle the allergies down. By the time I left the office, I had the peace of mind I would be on the road to recovery very several days later, I feel so much better! In this day of inflated medical costs and outrageous copays and deductibles, the price was more than reasonable! I'm grateful to Patti for her knowledge, her caring and her expertise. Options Health has my total support and I am happy to recommend them to my friends and family.


Patti Mitchell FNP treated me for hypertension at Options. I'm very reluctant to take prescription medication, but Patti was patient, kind and gave me the drug information to read for myself. I made the decision to take the medication Patti prescribed and now I'm feeling great. I definitely trust Patti with me and my family's healthcare and I highly recommend her to anyone else.

Options Health is a great resource for any day to day medical need. Patty listens to you, makes good recommendations and consults all available resources to help you along. She has helped me get my blood pressure under control. Options Health is terrific for anyone that needs medical attention without the headache that comes with traditional doctors offices.



"Compassionate, yet Thorough"

"Easy and Efficient"

Options Health makes it easier to get the treatment you need quickly. Patti Mitchell is a caring and efficient medical provider. I'm so glad I discovered Options Health.


"Professional and Caring"

I dont have insurance. I've also had some terrible experiences with Doctors in CT when i was on state insurance... Mrs Patti was very compassionate. She listened to my concerns and dealt with my fears with patience and knowledge. She was thorough in her exam and answered my questions and addressed my concerns. I didnt leave til she made sure I was satisfied with the appointment..Her flat fee scale is perfect. NO added stress with uncertain bills.



Capable, expedient, local service


Patti is the Best!! She came to My rescue when I was down. Very Blessed to have met her!! I truly feel she saved me.. if you have any issues definitely give her a call. Very professional & caring.


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