Simple office visit – for ear ache, sore throat, fever, cough, or other acute problems – $55








Chronic disease management – depending on the degree of complexity office visits range in price from $65 to $100

up to 2 stable chronic problems – $65

up to 4 stable, or 2 unstable problems – $85

up to 5 stable problems, or 3 unstable problems – $100

(more than 3 unstable problems, or more than 5 stable problems will require more than 1 office visit)



Manual therapy – to relieve chronic pain without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

$65 for 1 hour treatment

$35 for half-hour treatment







Therapeutic massage – for stress relief, muscle aches, and relaxation.

$65 per 1 hour massage

$35 per half-hour massage





Well-woman exam – $65

Screening for breast and cervical cancer.  

Medical care specific to a woman’s health.





Sports Physicals – $20

Please print your school’s required forms and fill in parent information prior to your visit.







DOT Physicals – $60

DOT urine drug screening – $55

Non-DOT 5 panel drug screening – $49

Non-DOT 10 panel drug screening – $55 







 Lipotropic injections – $20

Boost energy and metabolism, reduce cholesterol and belly fat, and help control blood sugar.








IV hydration – $65

Dehydration from illness, poor diet, being active, caffeine intake or not enough water can lead to various uncomfortable symptoms: headache, body aches, constipation, irritablility, dark colored urine, fatigue, dizziness, fainting and sunken eyes.  Easily replenish and rejuvenate your body with our IV Hydration package.

IV detox – $120

Formulated for those with vitamin and mineral depletion from chronic illness, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, influenza, strenuous training or exercise, and hangover.  Revive, renew, and restore metabolic balance and speed recovery with our IV Detox package.


Genetic Testing  Price Varies.  Office visit required to discuss results.

Genetics tell a lot about us – from what medications work best to where we come from.  At Options Health, genetic testing is available to answer your questions about you.




Digital Pulse Wave Analyzation – $20 + office visit to discuss results

Uses infra-red light technology to examine cardiovascular health.  Non-invasive and results within minutes.  Detect and correct cardiovascular disease before symptoms develop or permanent damage is done.






Pulse Rate Variability – $20 + office visit to discuss results.

Analyzes the effects of stress through variables in the pulse rate. Compares the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to help diagnose stress related illnesses.






Employee Health Memberships – $60 per employee.  Available for small businesses who cannot afford to provide full health coverage for their employees. 







Self-pay patients are welcome.  No insurance is filed from the office.  Use your Health Savings Account to pay.








Options Health’s “direct primary care” cash only business structure is on the cutting edge of healthcare today.  We are able to keep our overhead costs low by eliminating staff to file insurance claims.  We pass that savings on to you, our patient, by charging an affordable amount for each visit, often the same as you would pay in co-pays at other doctor’s offices.  If you have health insurance, we provide claim forms for you to file on your own.  You may also use your HSA card to pay for your visit reducing your out-of-pocket cash expense. We offer a membership program for small businesses who can’t afford a full health plan for their employees.  Options Health’s medical team will work with you, our patients, to formulate and set healthcare goals and treatments designed to fit your needs and that won’t break your pocketbook.